Monday, December 04, 2006

Which oil? Electric or gas?

What materials can be used for lighting of the Menorah?
A. The most preferable material is pure olive oil.
B. In case olive oil can not be obtained, then other oils which have a lucid light should be used. This would include canola oil, Soya oil, and other comparable oils.
C. Only where such oils can not be obtained, should one resort to using candles from wax or fatty materials.

What is the ruling in regards to electric or gas lights?
Most authorities agree that neither gas nor electric lights can be used for the Menorah lighting on Chanukah, due to the fact that they do not have a wick or oil source. If there is no other possibility, then even a Menorah from gas or electricity can be utilized, but no blessing should be uttered.

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Kelly said...

When using electricity, is there a mehadrin to light one bulb and then the next and so on or turn them on at one time?