Monday, December 04, 2006

Where should one light at home and in Shul?

Where should the Menorah be placed prior to lighting?
The Menorah should be placed in the “tefach” adjacent to the doorway, whereas according to the Chazon Ish a tefach is approximately 9.6 cm, and according to the GRACH Naeh it is approximately 8 cm. This refers to a doorway that is obligated to have a Mezuzah. Otherwise the Menorah should be placed adjacently to the doorway, but on the right side. If there is a possibility to place the Menorah in the actual space of the doorway (for instance, where there is no door) then the Menorah should be placed in the left half of the doorway, where some authorities rule that it is permitted to be placed anywhere in the left half, while others rule that it should still be placed adjacently to the doorframe.

Laws of lighting in “shul”
• The Menorah is lit in shul in order to lend publicity to the miracle of Channukah.
• The individuals do not fulfill their obligation of lighting with the shul’s Menorah lighting.
• The Menorah should be placed higher than 10 tefachim in order to further publicize the miracle.
• The Menorah should be placed along the southern wall, and the person lighting should face south according to some authorities and face north according to others.
• The row of candles of the Menorah are arranged from east to west according to some authorities, and north to south according to others.

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