Monday, December 04, 2006

Inside or Outside?

Where is the preferred place to light the candles?

A person who lives in a private dwelling surrounded by a yard which opens onto the street, then some authorities rule that he should lite at the entrance to the yard, while the Chazon Ish opinionates that the lighting should be by the entrance of the house unto the yard. It should be noted that the “yard” referred to in the Gemara, is not the same “yard” we refer to in these instances.

Similarly, when living in a multi-family residence, the former authority rules that the candles should be lit by the outer door to the street, while the Chazon Ish is of the opinion that the lighting should be by the window of the house overlooking the street. This holds true so long as the window is not higher than 20 Amos off of ground level. (The Chazon Ish rules that 20 Amah is equivalent to 12 meters, while Rw Chaim Naaeh equivalents 20 Amah to 10 meters.

Additionally, there is a custom that no matter the dwelling, the candles should always be lit inside the house next to the door across from the Mezuzah, and in this case, as well as most others, it is always best to go according each person’s father’s custom.

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